ONE Pro Cycling Mallorca training camp

I am just back from my team One Pro Cycling training camp in Mallorca where we did 10 days hard training in the hills and mountains on the Island. It was a great camp and I enjoyed meeting up again with old and new teammates to get to know everyone. To asses what we can achieve in the races ahead was the main objective.
Ultimately everyone was going well and I'm excited about what we can do in the season coming. As team captain it's my role to help the coach and director Steve Benton and Matt Winston to get the best out of the guys on the road in races. We chose a race strategy that's most likely to deliver a result on each day and those decisions need implementing effectively and with discipline if we want to win so to measure the capability of the riders in the team is essential on camps like this.
I am also in charge of what kit we supply the team to make sure everyone has what they need to perform in all racing and training conditions. This camp in Majorca was unfortunately mostly cold and wet. It meant the training conditions were more challenging then usual. Most of us used the team Thermal SSJ (available on line at the moment). The reason it's such a good product is when you put it on it feels like Armour against the elements while staying aero and fitted perfectly to avoid wasting warm dry air close to the skin to the cold wet air and moisture trying to get in as you ride along. This meant we could perform better and ride faster even training in miserable conditions.
After 2h00 thankfully we got to this and even dry roads a bit later!
After 2h00 thankfully we got to this and even dry roads a bit later!
We also used the full B5 thermal tights because to do 1h00 in the rain is not too bad in shorts but when you have to do 4 or 5h00 you really need a good thermal layer on the legs. On some occasions when it was sleeting I also used the thermal welded rain jacket because in those moments when you just can't waste a single degree of heat you have to create that full water tight barrier to the elements and there is nothing that can replace this jacket for that. With a high neck and long arms and back body panel there are no gaps for the cold to get in. All in all we arrived back fit and well with a good training load at the end of the camp ready to start some races. We as a team and myself especially are hugely motivated to make 2015 a successful year for Le Col. Watch the results!
Chris Opie using the Thermal Jersey in Majorca.
Chris Opie wearing the Thermal Jersey and B5 bib tights.
Thanks for reading,
Yanto Barker.