'My personal cycling career all started at my local club Mid Devon CC where I was supported with a jersey and a bike to race on. This enabled me to work towards my goals. Looking back it was a small contribution that made all the difference.

My personal ambition and the ambition of Le Col is to identify talented young cyclists across the country and offer them support to follow their careers and fulfil their potential.

Etienne, is part of the Giant Halo cycling club who we supply. So we decided to speak to Etienne about what cycling means to him and what he is looking to achieve in the future. Keep an eye on this name. Having won the overall Junior series title in 2015 and  the queen stage of the Junior Tour of Wales up the Tumble in his first year as a Junior he is clearly talented.

Q1: When did you take up cycling, and when did you realise you were quite talented. There is always that moment when you think to yourself I'm actually quite good at this and maybe I should take it seriously.

EG: I have been cycling from a young age when we lived in London  As a family we would go to Herne Hill velodrome and I often did the beginners sessions on the very small hire bikes. From the start of Youth A I knew I had potential to be good. This was when I started taking it seriously. But I think the main moment, that made me realise my potential was winning the Junior Tour Of The Mendips stage race. I was 2nd on the first stage and won the hilly final stage.

Q2: Who are the riders you look up to and how have they inspired you?

EG: I have read lots of riders' biographies, for example Mark Cavendish, Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins' book. However, the riders I look up to would have to be Chris Froome or Geraint Thomas. Chris Froome is a 2 times Tour De France Champion and Geraint Thomas has won Classics and Olympic Golds, which I want to try to do all of.

Q3: What type of rider would you describe yourself as and why?

EG: I would describe myself being a all rounder. I know I can climb and Time Trial well as well as being a rider who is a good bike handler. Also I know I can compete well on the track and in crits.

Q4: What's been your greatest achievement so far?

EG: My greatest achievement so far was winning the final stage of the Junior Tour Of Wales up the Tumble. When I crossed the line I knew I had mostly likely won the National Junior Road Series. This was special because at the start of that stage it didn’t look like I would win the series. I was too far down on GC to have enough points to keep the lead. But the points from the stage win and gaining 5th on GC gave me enough points to win the series.

Q5: What kind of training do you do in the winter offseason?

EG: In the winter the majority of the hours spent on the bike will generally be zone 2 and 3 riding on the road. But with the short days and weather I will go on the turbo and rollers more during the week. Also I will do a track session once a week to keep my top end speed up.

Q6: Would you say you do 'old school training' or new 'data' method, which one suits you best?

EG: To be honest I like the idea of just riding my bike on the road for long hours but I do like using data from my Garmin and power meter to train. So I would say I am somewhere in the middle. I like knowing what I am doing on the bike not just training estimates. This is especially useful doing intervals where your power may tend to dip gradually during a time trial effort but you still feel like you are trying just as hard. With a power meter you can see this and know how hard you have to try to keep it in the right zone.

Keep up to date with Etienne & the progress of Giant-Halo for 2016 right here!

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